Chemical properties of quartz glass

2019-09-24 17:31:02 feilihua 13

Purity quartz glass is mainly depends on the raw material, the raw material with high purity silicon tetrachloride production of quartz glass purity can reach six nine (99.9999%); with purified natural quartz production of high-quality quartz glass purity can reach four nine, used in the semiconductor industry; with high-quality production of ordinary quartz natural quartz glass purity of about three nine.


Analysis of quartz glass table lists the impurity levels of
Will provide the actual analysis of the data the same batch of product when the product is shipped.


Gas refining quartz quartz0.551.81.50.55182.60.650.
Even fused silica glass2.
Synthetic quartz glass﹤0.1< 0.1 ﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.1﹤0.11200